Collaboration is the cornerstone of our practice. Using the term in its most inclusive sense, we bring together the clients, with their vision and resources, the builder of the client's choice, the site and its history, context and unique features and our creativity and experience, giving all a voice. The resulting dialogue reveals the opportunities and limitations of a given project. These are seen and used by us as a framework within which to innovate and create, be it in a modern or historic language.
The importance of listening carefully to the project team, the site and our experience is revealed in completed projects that are of enduring value, appropriate to their occupants and surroundings, with a reserved sense of belonging.

We begin by collecting any and all information and documentation necessary for a thorough understanding of the client's wishes, their site, and local conditions and regulations. We extensively explore subjective and conceptual aspects of the project using visual references and functional preferences from the client and our own reading of the site and the context.
We use this information to establish an overarching conceptual direction, which is explored through an iterative process in collaboration with the client. The final version of this concept is developed through a supporting selection of materials, details and ongoing critique. We involve the builder as early as possible in this process to keep costs on track and to ensure construction-friendly solutions and details.
The final design is thoroughly documented, both to maintain a clear understanding of the process and direction with the client and to ensure that the finished project represents both the design intent and quality and material specifications. Our involvement through construction ensures the inevitable ambiguities and opportunities that arise during construction are resolved to the satisfaction of the client and in support of the original design concept.
From the start, we approach the building process as a team of owner, architect and builder to utilize the best thinking and creative input from all parties. We are known for working closely with builders to creatively arrive at the best design and value solution for a client. We are mindful of the notion that a quality builder is an important resource for building knowledge and detail expertise during the design phase. Their input is the key to a successfully realized design. A collaborative, team approach to project management and construction leads to a smooth process that we strive to make enjoyable for everyone involved.

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