An extension of the home

Summers are relatively short in Minnesota, so we try to take advantage of every moment of it.  That’s why many of our projects have a dedicated screened porch – an extension of our home that truly encapsulates the indoor/outdoor connection.  Its a place to enjoy the warmth and the breeze without the bugs and a place to enjoy your picnic outdoors without the ants.

This 2-story cantilevered porch takes advantage of the surrounding forest views for both levels of the home.

Our clients love using their screen porches for the tranquil moments of their day: They can hear the birds sining and watch the squirrels scamper up the nearby trees, they can get lost in a good book in a space that is quiet and separated from the interior of the home, or they can take a siesta while a warm summer breeze flows through the screens.

This timber-framed screen porch utilizes hidden connections to create a seamless and modern aesthetic.

Others prefer their screen porch to be a place of activity and quality time with their family and friends – from sharing meals and conversation to playing board games and cards well into the night.

Subtle and unobtrusive, this screen porch is a true extension of the home. Large patio doors on the partitioning wall open to allow the space to flow seamlessly between indoors and out during the warmer months.

However you plan to use your space, a screen porch has proven to add value to your home both financially and emotionally.

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